about elska

“Filled with static and the gentle clicking of a music box..it conjures the sensation of entering an empty recital hall in a dream sequence."  ~ Jeff Brown, ruixzine

Elska is the narrator of cinematic lullabies and creation of Brooklyn-based Composer Laura Boland. She represents love, optimism, imagination, conflict & awareness. 

Laura’s been collaborating for years in Minneapolis and New York; writing and performing vocal melodies for long and short-lived original projects; most notably the gypsy-noir quintet Bella Koshka and the ambient duo Stehla where she began creating post-apocalyptic soundscapes to accompany their haunting acoustics.

Elska emerged from this landscape as an otherworldly character representing balance in an uncertain climate.  The juxtaposition of light and dark elements depicts our wavering emotions.  It’s a fusion of abrasive timbres and nostalgic comfort. This first collection is a 26-minute love story between the restless dreamer (the moon) and the grounded soldier (the earth).

September 2019: elska is currently documenting her second collection with brooklyn engineer ted young ( tedyoungmusic.com ) in hopes for another release this Winter. Stay tuned. until then, you can catch her performing in brooklyn. thanks for listening.